A Glass of Red Wine a Day… Cupcake Vineyard

2017-05-07 17.47.15

The Captain wants to try red wine. The Blogger has been drinking red wine for a while. Trying to find something they both like… well we took a shot at it and settled on this Petit Sirah Red wine from Cupcake Vineyard.  The Petite Sirah comes from the Central Coast of California, The blogger mainly bought it because it said cupcake and was inexpensive. Don’t tell The Captain, she wants to feel as if she knows something about wine besides that she likes to drink it. As you can read we are not expert wine tasters so any sort of likes or dislikes we have is just our opinions and of course we want to hear yours as well.

This wine smelled really good. Like mouthwatering good and The blogger wished they had a candle of it. Has anyone tried to make a candle from a wine smell, can they even do that?  Well someone really should try. Apparently Petite Sirahs are berries and that is what makes up most of the wine, there are also hints of cherry, blackberries and expresso (Yum!)

2017-05-07 17.47.50

The Captain was able to pick up some of the cherry flavor but not much of the other two.  This wine is aged 12 months in French and American oak barrels before being bottled and sold. The flavor was mild and The Captain, a new wine drinker, enjoyed a glass of this. The blogger, a more seasoned drinker,  had wished for a more flavorful burst as it was too mild for her.

The Bottom Line: If you don’t know if you like red wine, or are a new wine connoisseur (and are not of the deep pockets) give this wine a try and let us know what you think!


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