Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Who We Are

Let’s Drink Up is run by a happily married couple who just loves drinking and eating. They absolutely enjoy trying new restaurants and recipes. They will try anything at least once.  The Captain is the main baker and cook of this group, he enjoys cooking as a hobby and gets incredible joy when he creates something new. His wife the blogger is the one who loves mixology and drinks. Together they hope to bring to you something new and dare you to take risks.

What’s this blog about?

We don’t do recipes. We just try to perfect them then add our own twist. While we love cooking and making home made food coming up with new recipes are hard, so instead of giving you recipes we will give you what we make and how it was for us to make them. Let’s think of them as cooking stories.

How we rate things

We are not professionals. We are everyday people, with everyday jobs and lives. We don’t profit from this, it is merely a hobby. We hope to just give you our opinions (because everyone does have one these days) and see if you share them with us. If you do or don’t that is fine, let us know!


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