On Sundays we bake bread

2017-05-07 16.15.52

We are currently trying to perfect our basic white bread recipe and I think we are on our way to a great start. The Captain who is the baker in our house has decided to bake his own bread for his weekly sandwiches. This is only the second time he will be doing this, the first time wasn’t as fluffy as he would have liked. We’re hoping this one is a bit better.

2017-05-07 17.00.38

Once it has risen (twice) he scored the bread and brushed it with milk. Once we perfect this recipe we will do things like add herbs (rosemary or thyme are our first choice) also mix with other flavors like Onion or Garlic. We need to get this one right before we can do anything of the sort right now.

2017-05-07 17.40.47

The bread looks and smells gorgeous. We buttered the top to add a nice sheen and flavor. We can’t wait to crack open this baby to have a taste, of course once it has cooled down a bit. Were thinking next week for cinnamon rolls!

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