When you don’t know what to do… Make Kabobs

2017-05-08 17.21.27

We had quite a quandary Monday. What are we going to make for dinner? It was while I was picking up some routine stuff at the store that the blogger  finally figured it out.


Who doesn’t like Kabobs?  With the days heating up (it reached over 70 degrees today!!!) it’s almost like a welcome to sunny weather meal. I marinated the pork in a homemade sweet and spicy marinade. I used red onions, yellow and red bell pepper, mushrooms, pineapple and zucchini to round out the mix of veggies. Then I skewered everything with a bamboo stick that has been soaking for a couple of hours. Pair this with some roasted corn and some refreshing lemonade and you got yourself a meal!

2017-05-08 18.13.22


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