When Life gives you Lemons… Buy Lemonade!

OKay, that’s not right… but that’s what I did.  The Blogger loves lemonade and has impulses to buy lemonade whenever she sees it. 

2017-05-08 11.10.15

The Captain isn’t really a big fan of lemonade, but of course he will give into the bloggers demands when she wants it. Marketside Lemonade was a bit on the sweet side, as the blogger prefers it slightly sour. It was by no means awful though and the Captain did like it. Lemonade is such a wonderful drink for the upcoming seasons so refreshing and versatile with making drinks.  We made decide to make our own lemonade soon if we have the time between making all our tasty breads and foods.

2017-05-08 18.13.26


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